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Step 1 of 7 - Introduction to Foundational Standards Domain

  • This section of the education in emergencies e-learning module serves as an introduction to the INEE Minimum Standards (INEE MS) and will serve as the foundation for application of the INEE MS throughout the remainder of the learning module. Depicted below you will find an interactive wheel that illustrates the organization of the INEE MS. The INEE MS are organized in five domains:

    1. Foundational Standards
    2. Access and Learning Environment
    3. Teaching and Learning
    4. Teachers and Other Education Personnel
    5. Education Policy

    The Foundational Standards have been revised and expanded to include Coordination, Analysis and Community Participation. They are shown on the outer ring of the wheel because these standards should be applied across all domains and their corresponding standards to promote a holistic, quality response. Within the five domains are a total of 19 standards. For more information regarding the INEE Minimum Standards, refer to the INEE Minimum Standards Handbook.

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    Another view of the organization of the INEE MS is represented in the INEE MS Map pictured below. Again, take note that the Foundational Standards are all encompassing as they span all domains.