Foundational Standards-Community Participation, Coordination and Analysis


Step 1 of 3 - Introduction to Foundational Standards Domain

  • This section of the education in emergencies e-learning module delves into Domain 1 of the INEE Minimum Standards (INEE MS). As mentioned in the previous section, the Foundational Standards Domain has been revised and expanded to include Coordination, Analysis and Community Participation. These standards are critical for an effective education response. They are the basis for the application of the standards for Access and Learning Environment, Teaching and Learning, Teachers and Other Education Personnel, and Education Policy. The Foundational Standards Domain is organized as follows:

    • Community participation: Participation and resources
    • Coordination
    • Analysis: assessment, response strategies, monitoring, evaluation

    Within the Foundational Standards Domain, there are a total of seven standards as depicted in the map below. Click on the image to enlarge the map, and familiarize yourself with the standards. Keep these standards and key actions in mind as you answer the questions in this section. Refer to the INEE Minimum Standards Handbook for additional information regarding the Foundational Standards Domain.