Teaching and Learning

Step 1 of 7 - Introduction

  • This section of the education in emergencies e-learning module delves into Domain Three of the INEE Minimum Standards (INEE MS), Teaching and Learning. Access to education is only meaningful if the education programs offer quality teaching and learning. Emergencies may offer opportunities for improving curricula, teacher training, professional development and support, instruction and learning processes and assessment of learning outcomes so that education is relevant, supportive and protective for learners. Important decisions may need to be made about the type of curriculum offered and the focus of learning priorities. The Access and Learning Environment Domain consists of the following four standards:

    1. Curricula
    2. Training, Professional Development and Support
    3. Instruction and Learning Processes
    4. Assessment of Learning Outcomes

    These standards are depicted in the map below. Click on the image to enlarge the map, and familiarize yourself with the standards. Keep these standards and key actions in mind as you answer the questions in this section. Refer to the INEE Minimum Standards Handbook for additional information regarding the Teaching and Learning Domain.